Upper & Lower Extremity Venous Duplex 

Description - Venous Doppler uses sound frequency in a range higher than humans are able to hear to produce images of the blood vessels (veins) on image monitors. The blood flow through the veins is evaluated with Doppler and Colored Doppler. Color Doppler involves the use of standard ultrasound methods to produce a picture of a blood vessel. Doppler sounds are converted to color images demonstrating the speed and direction of blood flow through the vessel.

Indications: Venous Doppler allows visualization of the veins in the arms and legs. It is used to evaluate the venous structures for blood clots and the slowing or complete block of blood flow that clotting causes. These blood clots can break loose and cause a dangerous condition if  blood flow to the lungs becomes obstructed. This condition is known as pulmonary embolism. Symptoms that are investigated with Venous Doppler include:


  • Pain, heaviness or aching sensation in the arms and legs.

  • Swelling of an arm or leg

  • Skin reddening

  • Skin that is hot to the touch


Procedure - The imaging room is usually darkened for the exam. A gel is applied to the area being examined to provide good contact for the handheld transducer. The transducer is placed on the skin and sound waves are sent into the body. These sound waves are reflected off the veins and are returned to the transducer. The echoes are converted into images on a monitor. With Doppler and Color Doppler the sound waves reflected from the blood cells are converted into images that represent the blood flow in the vein and the speed and direction of the flow to be assessed by a radiologist. This procedure takes about 45 minutes.


Preparation - None necessary

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