Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELVT)

  • Description - With state-of-the-art laser technology, surgery is not necessary for successful varicose vein treatment. Advanced Diagnostic Imaging offers VenaCure EVLT™ laser varicose vein treatment — a far simpler, minimally invasive treatment. It requires no surgery, minimal downtime and no hospital stay. And it’s all done as an outpatient procedure in about 60 minutes.

  • After discussing the procedure with your primary healthcare provider and obtaining an order, call the ADI office to set up a “first visit” appointment. We’ll have you complete some simple forms and a Registered Vascular Technologist will perform a diagnostic ultrasound to determine if you’re a candidate for the laser procedure based on a number of factors including the presence and severity of venous reflux-the most common cause of varicose veins.


  • Procedure Consultation- When candidacy has been established, a consultation with an ADI provider will be scheduled. Your medical history, symptoms and an explanation of the procedure including benefits and risks will be fully discussed during this visit. Please feel free to discuss any questions you may have at this time. Our staff will work with your referring healthcare provider to receive pre-approval from your insurance company. When this process is complete, we’ll schedule your treatment and you’ll be on your way to having healthier, better-looking legs. Please note that laser varicose vein treatment can only be done on one leg at a time. If you have varicose veins on both legs, a future date will need to be considered.


  • Procedure - An interventional radiologist will perform the procedure under ultrasound guidance provided by a vascular technologist. The doctor starts by inserting a small needle into your vein around your knee and placing a guide wire and then a little tube into the needle and into the vein, guided by ultrasound. Then the laser fiber goes up inside the tube. The laser is activated and pulled out slowly, closing the varicose vein as it goes, in two to three minutes. Your blood automatically reroutes through your healthy veins.                                                                                                                                                                  After treatment, you will be escorted to a recovery room with a television to be monitored briefly. We’ll give you complete instructions and schedule a 24 hour follow up exam for you. Within a short time, you can walk out of the office and resume normal activities with minimal restrictions such as not lifting heavy weights and wearing a compression stocking for a few weeks. Some people experience bruising, tenderness or muscle pull sensations for a week to 10 days after the procedure.     


  • Preparation - We require that you make arrangements for someone to drive you to and from your appointment, which will take from 2-3 hours in total. The time of the actual procedure is roughly one hour.