• Description - Barbotage is a procedure used to break up calcium lumps associated with the the condition of calcific tendonitis of the rotator cuff. Calcific tendonitis is a fairly common condition ocurring when calcium deposit(s) form on the tendons of the shoulder causing inflammation resulting in great deal of shoulder pain. It most often affects people over the age of 40. The Barbotage procedure is performed by an experienced Fellowship trained MSK radiologist as an outpatient procedure in the ADI office setting using ultrasound guidance.

  • Procedure - The procedure is similar to receiving an intravenous injection. First, an ultrasound is performed to identify the exact location of the calcification. The calcification is then broken up with alternating saline injection and needle barbotage. The procedure is very precise and the needle being used is continuously watched on the ultrasound monitor. Aspiration oft the calcium is attempted, but it is not necessary to remove all of the calcification for symptom relief. Finally the tendon and overlying bursa is bathed in local anesthetic and steroid. The procedure is usually complete in 15-20 minutes.


         You are asked to bring along a friend or relative to drive you home following the procedure. The shoulder receiving the  

         barbotage treatment will remain numb for a few hours post-procedure and you may be prescribed pain medication for

         the first few days as you move the shoulder per the instructions of the radiologist.  There are no specific restrictions

         following the procedure and once the discomfort subsides, usually 2-5 days, shoulder exercises can begin.

         Significant or complete improvement of symptoms with a return to regular activities is realized in 70-91% of patients

         treated with barbotage. Occasionally, 2 treatments are required approximately 6 weeks apart. Some patients may not

         respond  to barbotage treatment and may ultimately require surgery. 

  • Preparation - None necessary

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