A b d o m e n   X - R a y

  • Description - An x-ray of the abdomen demonstrates the internal structures of the abdomen. It allows the radiologist to identify abnormal bowel patterns and kidney stones. A single abdominal x-ray may be taken prior to GI (gastrointestinal) imaging to evaluate bowel preparation. The results of the test will be sent to the referring healthcare provider.


  • Procedure - The patient will be instructed to remove any type of metal or zippers from the abdominal area. They will then be given a gown to wear during the procedure. Then the technologist will instruct the patient to lie down on the x-ray table and the x-ray tube will be positioned over the abdomen for imaging. An upright abdominal x-ray may also be taken if indicated by the radiologist. The exam takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.


  • Preparation - None necessary

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