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Pre and Post Void Bladder

Description: A pre and post void bladder ultrasound uses sound frequency in a range that is higher than humans are able to hear to produce images of the internal structures on a viewing screen. The pre and post void bladder exam is used to evaluate the full bladder prior to urination and to document whether the bladder empties completely upon urination.

Indication: The pre and post void bladder ultrasound is indicated if incomplete emptying of the bladder is suspected clinically. It may also be ordered to assess urine leakage or drip. The radiologist is able to evaluate the bladder lining, the bladder wall and the amount of urine retained after voiding.

Procedure: The patient lies on their back on an exam table and a small amount of gel is placed on the lower abdomen over the bladder. The gel helps the transducer form good contact with the skin. As it passes over the area of interest sound is passed from the transducer into the body and is reflected off the internal structures and returned to the transducer. The echoes are transformed electronically into images on a monitor that are recorded on film. The exam takes approximately 30 minutes.

Preparation: The patient must drink 24-32 oz of water or clear juice (no soda pop) 1 hour prior to the exam. THE PATIENT IS NOT TO VOID BEFORE THE EXAM.

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